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Why Choose Us?

We work globally, from Mumbai

As you may have guessed it from our name, we are more than just a Homeopathy Clinic! Our holistic approach is not restricting to just homeopathy, infact it is not confined by borders and timezones as well! Be it Homeopathy, Diet, Counselling or Meditation, our consultation and programs are designed to be followed from across the globe. The appointments happen over skype/facetime/ phone as per your convenience. Of course if you are in Mumbai we look forward to meeting you in our centre in Malad (W) or Powai and chatting over a cup of chai.

We work with everyone

We work with patients and clients across continents, across economical strata, across professions, across age groups and genders. From students to working women to corporate managers to school teachers to home makers. From those looking for homeopathic treatment to those wanting to stretch their muscles using ancient yogic asanas, to those looking for inner peace to those wanting to learn the wisdom of food, to those needing a counsellor’s chair, to finally the intelligent souls looking for a mix of all of these in an integrated approach. We have a diverse and varied clientele. It’s a testament to our belief that the fundamentals of holistic health are valid for everyone.

We pride to bring you this all under one roof- a one stop solution for all your holistic needs!

Power of 5

Individually these therapies create wonders, but when they come together in an integrated approach, their powers are amplified. Their individual super powers when put together, fast track your holistic health journey. They are “Avengers” working towards a common goal.

We call it the power of 5. The universe is made up of 5 elements, so is our body. Each of the 5 powers at Healing Harmony represent and work in their unique ways on each of these 5 elements.

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Our Services


Homeopathy works by stimulating the body's own healing power (immunity). The stimulus will help assist your own system to clear itself of any expressions of imbalance. The aim is to bring your own body to a level of wellness-capability to restore the imbalance- so as to cure itself

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Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not just a physical exercise where people twist, turn, stretch, and breathe in the most complex ways

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Mindful Eating(Diet & Weight Mangaement)

Every time you eat, is an opportunity to nourish your body. It’s not about a fancy diet but about mindful eating.

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Meditation & Meditative Therapies

Meditation is usually associated with a “serious” thing, or something that one should do post retirement. At healing harmony we believe, it is anything but serious.

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Life skill coaching/Counselling

With life skill coaching and counselling, we empower diverse individuals, families and groups to accomplish mental health, wellness, education and career goals.

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Healthy Holiday's

Healthy holiday retreats are more popular now than ever. Travelers now use their holiday time wisely, embarking on health and wellness getaways so they can return to their hectic everyday lives feeling utterly restored.

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I am taking homeopathic treatment for my whole family. myself, two daughters and husband . they all are doing very well with homeopathy in their complaints. its best experience in clinic with doctors.-Uma Kartik