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Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word yuj, which means union of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. Contrary to popular belief, yoga is not just a physical exercise where people twist, turn, stretch, and breathe in the most complex ways. These are actually only the most superficial aspects of this profound science of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul.

Yoga and Homeopathy both share many fundamental principles and they both complement each other enormously. They both work to increase and unblock the flow of energy by utilizing the energy currents and energy centers of the body. In Homeopathy we call this energy the Vital Force and in Yoga it is called Prana, but they are essentially the same things, just with different names (in Chinese Medicine it is called Chi). In Yoga, posture (Asana), breath control (Pranayama) and body locks or seals (Bundas) are used to navigate this subtle energy through what the Yogis call the Nadis. Nadis are subtle energy channels that surround the physical body through which Prana or the Vital Force must pass through to ensure physical, mental and emotional health.

You can enroll for one of the following programs:

Yoga Fitness

At Healing Harmony, we practice traditional yoga. If your intention to come to your mat is “fitness and flexibility” you have made the right choice. Physical fitness is a necessity for everyone in order to live a long and healthy life. Incorporating yoga as a lifestyle can be one of the most fulfilling experiences on our journey to health. It is a complete package for beginners as well as regular practitioners and has something for everyone - of all age groups. You can join us in short term or long term courses; as an independent course or as a part-of the integrated program with other therapies with us.

Yoga Meditation

Our Yoga workshops combine pranayama and breathing exercises that help you relax and alleviate your stress. We often integrate meditation classes for those evolved souls who would like deepen their yoga practice. Our intention is to help seekers turn within and connect with Self (Ātman) through shared understanding of the philosophy and practice of yoga and meditation.

Power Yoga

If your goal is to sweat it out and lose those extra kilos, we can help you on that journey. Our yoga batches are very small, thus, we are able to tailor make your yoga practice and provide individualized supervision that you need to achieve those goals.

Yoga Treatment

A therapeutic yoga, aiming to heal your existing ailments. If you suffering for any muscular-skeletal problems like arthritis, back pain, slipped disc, and frozen shoulder or chronic complaints like hypertension, digestive problems, diabetes, ischemic heart disease, this is the right stop for you. Not only our yoga trainer specialized in addressing these complaints by specific asanas, but is also supervised by a medical doctor. A medical doctor will be meet you once in a month to evaluate your progress and check your general wellbeing. More often than not, our clients combine therapeutic yoga with homeopathy. The healing power of homeopathy is accentuated when complemented by other holistic sciences like Yoga. At Healing Harmony we ask all our patients on homeopathic treatment to learn and practice Yoga being taught at our centre. The result of this combination have been exceptional and we hear stories of how this has touched and changed lives time and again from our patients and their families.

Yoga for Young buds (Children’s Yoga)

We have several workshops catering to children including our unique class “Mommy and me” which engages and builds the mother and child relationship. Yoga has several benefits when started at early age:

At Healing Harmony yoga programs, the wisdom and techniques of yoga are taught in a pure, joyful and thorough manner. The programs aims at natural health, restores balance by helping to strengthen our body, calm our mind, regain our focus and improve self- confidence. The Yoga practice at Healing Harmony is:

  • Traditional
  • Therapeutic
  • Transcendental