Wonder Women – Women Health Management

Women have unique bodies and unique health needs that change frequently as they progress through different stages of life. Homeopathy successfully and cost-effectively treats ALL women’s health issues to restore optimum health at each critical juncture of your life. Be it the first time you experienced the monthly cramps, or the annoying pimple that wouldn’t budge, or infertility issues, or pregnancy care or post-menopausal hot flushes. Call us to enroll for this program.

Lil Superheroes– Child Health Management

As parents if we see our kids sneeze, cough or have an eczema rash we succumb to anxiety and rush to the nearest doctor. Rightly so, as the child has changed our world, he is our world! But almost invariably the child gets treated only symptomatically and ends up receiving increasing doses of antibiotics or steroids. Homeopathy is considered to be the ideal treatment option for infants, toddlers and older kids- as the medicines provide RAPID, GENTLE (safe and without side effects) & PERMANENT (treats diseases from root cause & builds immunity) cure. Enroll your superhero to empower his most treasured superpower – HEALTH.

Mommy & Me- Mother & Child Program

It is not only the birth of your baby, but the mother is born too. We all understand how important this time is for the health and wellbeing of the mother & child. How you sow the seed, nurture the soil, and water the sapling determines how fragrant the flowers bloom and how sweet the fruits taste. This program covers the health and wellness during the entire spectrum of this special time- pregnancy and post pregnancy for both mother & her sunshine.

Mind Blowers – Mental Health Management

Minding your business is the most important health tip- quiet literally. We can’t talk enough about the mind-body connection and the role of being mentally healthy and not just physically. Consider our mental health program as an umbrella that covers all mental health problems using various therapies and also protects you from the dark clouds that bring rain.

Battle of the Bulge: Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program combines various modalities to give you an overall lasting effect. We believe in weight management that is natural and scientific:

  • Customized tailor made diet which is “eating centric”. No crash dieting.
  • Power Yoga & Passive Exercises
  • Homeopathy (treating metabolic disorders)
  • Life skill coaching – as weight loss is a mental journey ¬ just physical.
  • Meditation

Golden Years: Geriatric Health Management

One of the biggest fears we all deal with is having an older person having to deal with nagging health issues. Old age can bring on multiple health issues like indigestion, insomnia, exhaustion, diminishing memory, depression, joint pains and constipation amongst others. Golden year’s programs covers all the health issues under one umbrella using homeopathy and holistic tools.

Lifestyle Disorders Management

One of the outcomes of modernization for us Homo sapiens is lifestyle disorders. Issues like Diabetes, High Cholesterol, Hypertension, and Obesity are some of these villains we are constantly battling. In order to come out victorious, we believe Power of 5 is the horse you must lay your bet on. Our holistic program helps you manage these disorders, cure them and keep them at bay.

Cancer Management

We know how it feels when you or your loved one is diagnosed with Cancer. That is the reason we want to be with you, in your journey to WIN Cancer via POWER OF 5

Homeopathy: management by homeopathic medicines (constitutional & organ specific). The medicines helps in cure, palliation and also management of the side effects of chemo/radiotherapy.
Yoga: Asanas that help in detox and healing of the affected organs.
Diet:The prescribed diets vary depending on the cancer type & stage and can vary from high protein diet to high fat, high carbohydrate diet.
Counselling: For the patient and family to support the mental trauma and agony.
Meditation: For self-discovery and peace to help in the wellness journey.

Healthy Family, Happy Family: Family Health Program

The health and happiness of any one person has a profound effect on the well-being of everyone in the family. Because of this, we have put together a special program that makes it very economical for our clients to experience the benefits that homeopathy can offer their whole family.