Homeopathy and COVID19

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Webinar on Managing Covid- Homeopathy & Global Perspective. In this webinar our speakers bring a global perspective on CoVid and Homeopathy with several case studies.

About the speakers:
Cathy May Lemmon, BA, LCPH, MARH, RSHom (NA), CHP is a homeopath from Texas, USA. She has been trained in and studied extensively the nontoxic immunisation option, Homeopathic Prophylaxis (“HP”) and works closely with world authorities in this. She is the  founder of Homeoprophylaxis: A Worldwide Choice (HPWWC) and has lectured and presented globally.

Dr. Prajakta Vaidya, M.D & Dr. Preety Shah, BHMS, PG-FHPC are a dynamic duo and founders of Healing Harmony: A Homeopathic Holistic healing initiative.
and Karvaan, a wellness retreat. During the recent times they have done significant work with Covid patients in India and globally.