Mother & Son with COVID19 helped with Homeopathy

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In the latest guidelines released by AYUSH ministry, Homeopathy has received approval to treat COVID+ patients as an adjunct with approvals from local health authorities. Sharing the details of two Covid+ patients (mother & son) who were helped with Homeopathy. These cases are a true testimony on how homeopathy can support as an adjuvant therapy during the current pandemic.

Son of a 44 yrs. old female patient contacted us for the treatment of his mother.  The son was 20 yrs old. They were from lower socio-economic class living in poor hygienic conditions. 
She had on and off fever with cough since the 9th of May but was not completely recovering. On the 15th of May she ate Fish (Kardi) after which she had sever loose motions (10-15 times a day). She took allopathic medicines for 2 days but there was no relief. She was lying down in bed the whole day. She had no desire to eat. She feels tired when she tries to work. Does all the home chores very slowly.
On 17th May, when we first consulted the patient, she was having severe breathlessness and she was unable to sit or lie down. 

Homeopathic treatment is individualized and requires case taking for prescription, below are the details of the history taken in over zoom:

She says  “I need fresh air,  Kondlya saarkha vaatatay (I am suffocated)”. She was irritated with her son and kept saying “I am well, I don’t need doctors or hospital” 
Her thirst for drinking water had decreased and had lost her appetite.
She was unable to control her motions. There were loose motions 10-12 times a day. She would soil her clothes before reaching the toilet many times. 

Son adds that the entire room smells bitter because of her cough/breathing. She smells bitter.  

On the basis of this short history of the acute fever she received Homeopathic Remedy “Chinimum Ars1M” as remedy on 17th May in repeated doses. The son was advised to take the mother to BMC for Covid testing.

Follow up #1 On the night of 17th May, patient slept well, no breathlessness. She did not have loose motions the entire night. She slept comfortably after many days.  At 6am symptoms aggravated. The son panicked and called the helpline no. 

Follow up #2  On the 18th May, around 9 am, the son spoke to us and we advised repetition of Chinimum Ars 1M doses. 

Patient was taken to  Shatabdi Hospital on 18/05/2020 and admitted in Covid ward. She was then put on O2 . The son was the only care giver and was himself symptomatic, hence was not allowed to meet the patient. 
The mother is uneducated and had no access to phone.  

The son, concurrently had sever anxiety attacks, some cough and weakness. He complained of mild breathlessness- it was hard to say it was because of panic or due to lung affliction.  He was started on homeopathic remedy Camphora 1M and advised to go for his Covid testing which turned out positive. He was immediately referred to the quarantine center.

Follow up # 3 The son was in the quarantine center and mother was in the hospital. Mother had no access to phone, only when a patient from next bed would call the son, we were able to collect any history from the patient. The Covid testing for the mother was done after 2-3 days after hospitalization,  apparently her first test results also came negative as per the telephonic conversation. The son did not have access to her mother’s reports. The Chinimum Ars patient received, could well be a contributing factor for this negative result as per the chronology of events. However, since there is no full proof evidence to confirm this, we need not glorify homeopathy for this. However, the patient continued to recover very well without any complications. Her repeat Covid results came negative and she was discharged on 29th May and for this homeopathy definitely was a contributor.

Follow up # 4 The mother is now home, however, the son is still in the quarantine center. He is continuing to do well, Infact after the first 7 days of quarantine he was shifted to a separate ward where asymptomatic patients are kept. He might as well be discharged, but the patient does not have a home quarantine option (with common toilet). He continued to receive Camphora 1M which helped him both mentally and physically.

The mother and son are waiting to be reunited, which is not many days away.

If you or your family members are COVID+ and would like to opt for homeopathic treatment reach out to us.