Covid & homeopathy case study

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Sharing yet another Covid & homeopathy case study for your reference:

A 35 years old woman (mother of two young children) consulted us on 26th May with symptoms of dry cough, and chest pain in the middle of the night. During the severe bouts of cough she felt on and off breathlessness.  She was extremely fearful as she lived in an apartment is in the hotspot zone and every day she would hear sirens of ambulance coming to take some or the other person. She had symptoms since 19thMay and had taken allopathic treatment for the same with not much relief. During the consultation she informed, that the BMC would frequently come and sanitize their building, however, afterwards the residents would also self-cleanse with water.  However, last time they did not wash it way and the strong odor of sanitization led to the beginning of her symptoms. She developed fever with chills and giddiness. Since, her symptoms were suggestive of Covid, we asked her to get herself tested. She was extremely anxious about what will happen to my children and  who will take care of the house if she tests positive.  She had no thirst, and had lost all taste in mouth. 
She was extremely weak and was always lying on her bed. Her fevers would come generally in the afternoons around 4pm and would be accompanied by severe headache.

Based, on this short history and symptomatology she was started with Ars Alb 1M after individualizing and repertorization (a tool used by homeopaths in remedy search)

She was symptomatically better on 27th and 28th May. She had no fever on both these 2 days and did not have any pain in the chest.  Since, she was better stopped taking Ars Alb 1M without consulting us on 27th May night.  Her Covid results came positive on the 28th May.  It was then that the husband called us again in severe panic, since the building already had other positive cases they had already called the ambulance for the patient.  The patient herself was in severe panic and said she was feeling restless and breathless. There was no fever and only weakness.  She was admitted in Somaiya Hospital on the 28th night. Her SPO2 was 98% upon admission. 

She was asked to continue taking Ars Alb 1M while she was in the hospital as well.

In the hospital she received a course of HCQ and Zinc.  She was discharged from the hospital on 2nd June as she continued to remain asymptomatic since the time of admission. Upon discharge she was adviced Multivitamins Bcomplex and Vit C & home quarantine. 

As of date patient is doing extremely well and recovering very well. Since, she recovered completely, a repeat Covid test was done and not required.  The patient’s family was also given prophylactic homeopathic treatment.  In her same building we treated 2 other patients (husband & wife) with very high fever and suspected Covid. These two patients were also better with homeopathic treatment. Infact this couple only took paracetamol on and off and no other allopathic treatment.

If you or your family/friends would like to choose Homeopathy for any of your complaints, do not hesitate to reach out to us. Choose gentle healing and be strong. In the end, your immunity, positive thoughts will sail us through this period.
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