COVID19+ treated with Homeopathy

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A 44 yrs old Indian patient living in UK consulted Dr. Prajakta Vaidya and Preety Shah for her symptomatology due to COVID19. She is a Registered Nurse and is working with COVID19 patients. She was referred to us by an existing patient who was suspected COVID19 patient with severe pneumonia like symptoms who was helped with homeopathy.

Patient consulted us on Skype on 25th April 20 and was not able to talk much. Her speech was so slurred that we were not able to understand much. She was hardly able to speak …as if words were not coming out (short video clip- of not much use)

History given by the husband:

She doesn’t have the energy to talk. She is extremely tired. She is unable to pronounce words properly. The problem is she is unable to talk properly. Voice is not coming out.

She was ill from last Sunday, she had normal cold, no cough nothing. No other COVID19 symptoms. Normal cold- little bit nose running. Then she went for duty on Friday, Saturday also. Sunday morning (19th Apr) she had cold, from ward they sent her home. She was tired so she rested for a couple of days.

Then on 23rd Apr she was too much tired, while talking she was wheezing, while walking wheezing was there. While lying she was okay. She had high fever.

"So, when I called the hospital, they asked to take her to Emergency. They discharged once all other lab investigations and X-RAY came normal. Kept her under observation for 1 day.

They gave her some Antibiotics- ? Amox may be. 3 doses, they gave some blood thinner. Then she was discharged as lung is clear there is no problem and she was okay.

When we came home, she was okay. We had dinner together. She took one paracetamol and we slept. She slept in a separate room. At 3 am I heard her scream. When I came running to her room. She was standing on the door.  She said, she is feeling dizzy.  She was feeling breathless and suddenly she collapsed on the floor. She didn’t look okay, she was responding but not properly.  She was like unconscious. We will ask her questions, she will say “Hmmmm”. By the time I called the Emergency and paramedics came home it took 10-15 mins. She was sweating a lot that time.

When paramedics came home, her SPO2 was normal- 93, 94, 95%.  Then paramedics examined her, asked her some questions, she was able to respond and she could walk back to the bed herself.  They wanted to check her name, DOB, year, address to rule out stroke maybe. They checked her blood glucose. She was all clear.

She had cup of tea and she slept around 4am”

The husband continues to say “She woke up at 8 am today, took breakfast, took paracetamol and slept again. Now, she is just lying and watching TV.  The problem now (present time when they consulted us) is that she is tired and she cannot talk properly. She is talking in a broken way. If she has to say my full name XXX YYY…She will say XXXXXXX………..YYYYY. It looks like she has too much weakness. Maybe that is why she is talking like that. As if too much tired, weakness…when she is talking, she has to take long pauses”

D: You said she is better when lying down (wheezing) < walking, talking?

P:   Yes, better while sleeping. She always sleeps on one side- Right or left. That is her comfortable position in general too. Nothing different right now.

D: Any mental changes:

Perfectly fine. Only thing is tiredness. She doesn’t have any behavioral change. No fear or anxiety. She will say “I am fine, only my voice is a problem”.

D:  Anything you can tell about her nature in general?

P: She is a normal lady. Lovely lady. Nothing wrong in her nature :D

She is a very strong person. Very independent. During COVID time also she is working in hospital. Not scared or anything. She did not want to get admitted, as she thinks it is quiet boring. She currently has a TV in her room. So, she is watching all Indian channels, movies, Kapil Sharma shows and passing her time.

Appetite: Not hungry. 

Thirst: 2 liters throughout the day. She is in general thirsty. She had 1 bottle of water today, lemon juice, She had some ginger, mint concoction.

Chilly.  She is always Chilly, even if she has no fever. If everyone needs 1 blancket, she will need two. She will wear a sweater at home, when I am only wearing T-shirt.

The only medication she is taking is Paracetamol. She has mild headache. Temperature at the moment is 37.1

As the patient was based in UK and we were in India. With the lockdown, it was difficult to find the remedy and get it for the patient. Several homeopaths helped in this endeavor. However, before she could get the homeopathic remedy, the patient deteriorated as below:

On Day 8, 26th Apr her symptoms aggravated. Extreme fatigue, breathless, unable to speak. Took her to the hospital again.  They Suspected stroke – no allopathic medicines started. Her CT scan and MRI head was normal. They kept her under observation and was discharged on 28th April (Day 10) she continued to have difficulty in talking and extreme tiredness. 

She received a well selected, individualized Homeopathic Remedy on Day 11 that is 29th April. 

Day 12, 30th April: Speech much better, but still strained. Tiredness still present but not as extreme.

Day 13, 1st May: Tiredness 20-30% better, can walk around- take bath. Speech continues to get better.

Day 14, 2nd May: Speech 50% better, Tiredness 40% better.

Day 19, 7th May: 

  • 95% better in speech  (Audio recording available)
  • Can talk well. I don’t think I am ill at all.
  • I can manage everything. Weakness much better.
  • In UK a repeat swab is not performed routinely to confirm the patient status. The patient’s recovery symptomatically, only confirms her recovery.  Her physicians were very happy with her improvement.

This case is a true testimony on how homeopathy can support in symptom management during the current pandemic. If you or your family members are COVID+ and would like to opt for homeopathic treatment reach out to us. The homeopathic treatment will be in parallel with your conventional treatment, physician's advice, local government regulations.