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Homeopathy Musing Recording

Homeopathy Musing Recording

Recordings of ALL our musing sessions are available at below cost:
1. 1 musing: INR 200/- or 5 USD
2. Set of 3 musings: INR 500/- or 15 USD
n3. Set of 8 musings: INR 1000/- or 25 USD

You can make the payments using the following methods, once you send the payment confirmation we will send you the recordings you are interested in. I can share the list of sessions we have had so far, for you to choose from or if you are looking for something specific please let me know.

Bank transfer
Healing Harmony Homeopathy And More Clinic
Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank
Branch: Malad (w)
A/c no: 8611735793
IFSC code: KKBK0000662
Type: current a/c

Google Pay. Look for Prajakta Vaidya/ 9819823346
Paytm: 8433581011 (not preferred currently due to additional charge)

For any queries please write to us homeopathymusings@gmail.com


DateTopicSpeaker 1Speaker 2Speaker 3
4/10/2020Autism- Cases of Tuberculinum, Saccharum Album, DPT understanding, Open Mic on CovidDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Balvinder Singh
18/04/20Cases of Lac Lupin, FoxDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr Nirupama agarwal
25/04/20Lac themes with case of lac lupinum, Case of Covid pneumonia, Case of Adhd treated with Insect, Butterfly remedy. Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Chanda ShahDr. Aradhana Chitra
2/5/2020Themes of Hamamelidae family with case , Sex education and its importance, Case of onchorynchus ( Salmon )Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Nirupama AgarwalDr. Pankaj Oak
9/5/2020Case of covid 19 positive and suspected covid 19, Cases of Infertility, Case of Berberis VulgarisDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Chanda Shah
16/05/2020Case of generalised Eczema with boron, Case of Von Hippel lindau syndrome.Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Jyothi Udupi
23/05/2020Themes of Row 5 with Case of Anal fissure. Bird themes with Case of Falcon Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Arshi Tank
30/05/2020Covid 19, Fever & suspected casesDrs. Prajakta & PreetyOpen Mic
6/6/2020Solanaceae Family with details of the remedies. Dr. Shekhar Algundgi
20/06/20Solanaceae case discussion including known and unknown remedies. Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Nirupama Agarwal
7/4/2020Homeopathy & Skin diseasesDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Geetha Reddy
18/4/2020Cases presentation, Rare/Laser known remediesDrs. Prajakta & Preety
1/8/2020Homeopathy & Random CasesDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Geetha Reddy
15/8/2020Slithering Reptiles - Part 1Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Meeta Nihlani
28/8/2020Managing covid - Homeopathy & global perspectiveDrs. Prajakta & PreetyCathy May Lemmon
5/9/2020Slithering eptiles - Part 2Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Meeta Nihlani
19/9/2020Slithering Reptiles - Part 3Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Meeta Nihlani