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Alternative Healing Techniques

Alternative Healing Techniques

Exclusive workshop for homeopaths

Emotional Release Process, Meditative Processes & Breath Work

As we become more grounded as homeopaths and healers, we explore all its beauty and potential. We truly understand what Dr. Hahnemann meant when he said homeopathy is both "art and science". As homeopaths we are doctors, scientists, artists, healers, therapists etc. and when we put all these hats on appropriately, we are able to be instrumental in helping our clients find their "higher purpose of existence"
With years of practice, research and soul searching we have come to realize that alongside HOMEOPATHIC remedies and holistic lifestyle, it is equally essential that one is equipped with tools of inner cleansing- an awareness to our deep seated inner patterns. Only with this ability Awareness can we bring about the real lasting change, a true metamorphosis. This journey to bring ourselves from fragments to whole ultimately culminated into "Karvaan- a wellness retreat" and these workshops.
We are so happy you took time out to know about us and are finding ways to make an inner journey. That is an auspicious first step on the journey of healing.


  • This workshop is curated especially for homeopaths and healers
  • It will include several live demonstrations & group sharing
  • Program includes Emotional Release Process, Breathwork and Meditative Processes using tools of awareness, movement, music and art
  • Workshop will be conducted in English
  • No prior experience in these therapies/meditation is required

Program Details:
Duration: 4 weeks, Tuesdays & Thursdays March 2022
  • Week 1: 8th & 10th March
  • Week 2: 15th & 17th March
  • Week 3: 22nd & 24th March
  • Week 4: 29th & 31st

March Time: 3 pm IST, 10.30am CET 2-2.5 hrs per session

Indians: INR 3500/-
Others: EURO 130/-& USD 150
20% off for Early Bird until 8th Feb


"When I did the workshop in September, I was an emotional wreck as I had lost my mom who was my biggest support. I was addicted to tranquilizers and antacids, I was also on high BP medication since a very long time. I had decided that I want to stop these medications any how. So during the ERP, Dr. Rajul did a demo on me for the same in one of the sessions, I completely weened off the above medications in no time. Rajulben has helped me tackle many other issues as well and I feel ERP is the right path for me. .My daughter who was experiencing a severe shoulder pain since the past year has not complained of the pain since I have done ERP with her. Another friend who was facing severe financial issues has also benefitted from ERP. Thank you."

"Special thanks to Dr. Vaidya for guiding us through the power of the breath exercises so beautifully and for learning 2 new breath exercises that I do now and particularly helpful for me is the chaotic breathing. I used to do 25min a day of abdominal breathing but now I experiment with more techniques."

"To Dr Preety- what can say! I experienced so many images, colors , calmness, surprises, sensations through the meditation process. They were so profound. The word "sacrifice " came to my mind when I was going through my thyroid gland , the same place that has been bothering me. I was shocked realizing that I kind of "sacrifice myself" and I said a BIg "NO" to it. Realizing this, made me work more for me , not against me in a conscious way.! And a lot more , so thank you!"

"I did not realize the power of breath on my mind & body. It is transformational!"

"I have attended several workshops, but this one had the maximum impact on me. The inner work using emotions, awareness and breath is phenomenal!"

Early Bird Pay Here (Upto 8th Feb)
For Indians:

For Others

For Questions:+917304041836/+91 8433581011