Meditation Workshop - Circle of Life

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Meditation Workshop - Circle of Life

Meditation Workshop - Circle of Life

Life is a circle. Nothing can take you out of the days and seasons of the years. When you are going through bad times, have faith that good times are on the way. Likewise, accept that highs do not last forever. There is a constant ebb and flow, a continuous cycle.

The challenging circle of happiness, sadness, good times and difficult times takes us through life. In this meditation workshop we will learn to witness this cycle and overcome fear. We will learn to recognize this constant change, we will recognize the root of FEAR, and above all recognize end of one journey is a beginning of the next.

Keep your circle positive; keep it expansive like a concentric circle. Join us for each step around the circle of your life, bringing you closer to your highest self.

Indians: INR 500:
Others: USD 20:

For more details: Call/Whats app +917304041836