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Homeopathy Musing Recording

Homeopathy Musing Recording

Recordings of ALL our musing sessions are available at below cost:

  • 1 musing: INR 300/- or 10 USD
  • Set of 2 musings: INR 400/- or 15 USD
  • Set of 3 musings: INR 500/- or 25 USD

    You can make the payments using the following methods, once you send the payment confirmation we will send you the recordings you are interested in. I can share the list of sessions we have had so far, for you to choose from or if you are looking for something specific please let me know.

    *Bank transfer
    Healing Harmony Homeopathy And More Clinic br>Bank: Kotak Mahindra Bank
    Branch: Malad (w)
    A/c no: 8611735793
    IFSC code: KKBK0000662
    Type: current a/c

    Google pay. Look for Prajakta Vaidya/ 9819823346

    Paytm: 8433581011 (not preferred currently due to additional charge)


    For any queries please write to us

    DateTopicSpeaker 1Speaker 2Speaker 3
    4/10/2020Autism- Cases of Tuberculinum, Saccharum Album, DPT understanding, Open Mic on CovidDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Balvinder Singh
    18/04/20Cases of Lac Lupin, FoxDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr Nirupama agarwal
    25/04/20Lac themes with case of lac lupinum, Case of Covid pneumonia, Case of Adhd treated with Insect, Butterfly remedy. Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Chanda ShahDr. Aradhana Chitra
    2/5/2020Themes of Hamamelidae family with case , Sex education and its importance,Case of onchorynchus ( Salmon )Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Nirupama AgarwalDr. Pankaj Oak
    9/5/2020Case of covid 19 positive and suspected covid 19, Cases  of Infertility, Case of Berberis VulgarisDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Chanda Shah
    16/05/2020Case of generalised Eczema with boron, Case of  Von Hippel lindau syndrome.Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Jyothi Udupi
    23/05/2020Themes of Row 5 with Case of Anal fissure. Bird themes with Case of Falcon Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Arshi Tank
    30/05/2020Covid 19, Fever & suspected casesDrs. Prajakta & PreetyOpen Mic
    6/6/2020Solanaceae Family with details of the remedies. Dr. Shekhar Algundgi
    20/06/20Solanaceae case discussion including known and unknown remedies. Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Nirupama Agarwal
    7/4/2020Homeopathy & Skin diseasesDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Geetha Reddy
    18/4/2020Cases presentation, Rare/Laser known remediesDrs. Prajakta & Preety
    1/8/2020Homeopathy & Random CasesDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Geetha Reddy
    15/8/2020Slithering Reptiles - Part 1Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Meeta Nihlani
    28/8/2020Managing covid - Homeopathy & global perspectiveDrs. Prajakta & PreetyCathy May Lemmon
    5/9/2020Slithering eptiles - Part 2Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Meeta Nihlani
    19/9/2020Slithering Reptiles - Part 3Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Meeta Nihlani
    3-10-2020Understanding NosodesDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Reni Shah
    17-10-2020Case TakingDrs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Jyothi Udupi
    7-11-2020Decoding mind RubricsDr. Arshi TankDr. Kushala Salian
    5-12-2020Rare Plant Remedies - Part 1Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Rupal Shah
    19-12-2020Lac RemediesDr. Reni ShahDr. Chanda ShahDr. Geetha ReddyDr. Nirupama Agarwal
    2-1-2020Rare Plant Remedies - Part 2Dr. Rupal Shah
    12-1-2021Beat the BluesDr. RekhaDr. Alim
    16-1-2021Rare Plant Remedies-Part 3Dr. Kushala SalianDr. Nirupama AgarwalDr. Geetha ReddyDr. Rama Dinavahi
    6-2-2021Infertility & HomeopathyDr. Prajakta and Preety
    20-2-2021Homeopathy in Psychiatry casesDr. Erzsébet Túrós
    6-3-2021Approach to Depressive DiseasesDr. Vishpala Parthasarathy
    10-4-2021Inconversation with��Dr. Mahesh GandhiDr. Shekhar Algundgi
    1-5-2021Mega Mollusc
    22-5-2021Healing Shadow Self with ERPDr. Rajul Shah
    29-5-2021Birds with JoshisDrs. Bhawisha & Shachindra Joshi
    5-6-2021Homeopathy in Covid - 19 Through Applied Mind MethodDr. Pallavi Chaturvedi
    19-6-2021Case solving and analysis (Sensation Method 2)Drs. Prajakta & PreetyDr. Reni Shah
    3-7-2021Case solving and analysis (Mineral kingdom)Dr. Chanda ShahDr. Reni ShahDrs. Prajakta & Preety
    17-7-2021Conquering Thyroid with HomeopathyDr. Gajanan Dhanipkar
    7-8-2021Case Solving Drs. Prajakta & Preety
    4-9-2021OCD & HomeopathyDr. Malak Shah
    16-10-2021Practical Utility of ScarcodesDr. Ashok Borkar