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Diet & Weight Management

Do you ever think about why you eat? The easy answers are because you are hungry, or you are tired, or because your stomach is rumbling. You might also eat because you are bored, sad, happy, or just because that chocolate-covered ice-cream looks so good.

Those are just a few of the emotional and physical reasons why you eat, but do you ever put much thought into why your body needs food? Not just any food, by the way, but healthy, really good-for-you food? Why is good nutrition important ?

Balanced Diet

A balanced diet refers to the selection of foods with appropriate portion to provide adequate nutrients and energy for the growth of body tissues, strengthening the immune system and keeping healthy body weight. A balanced diet can help prevent obesity, gastrointestinal diseases and anemia, as well as reduce chances of developing chronic diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer.

Weight Management

Homeopathy and nutrition together form a very potent combination that not only heals you from within, but also takes you towards healthy well-being. Our expert nutritionist recommends a customized nutritional plan, which includes vitamin and mineral-rich foods that are full of antioxidants based on your current health status. These foods help your body in the crucial process of detoxification, which prepares your body to accept nourishment in the correct proportions. Thus, your nutrition will now support the overall homeopathic treatment giving you long-lasting results.

At Healing Harmony we prescribe balanced diet plans and provide tips to implement them in real life according to your current problem, your age, your weight.

You can enroll for one of the following programs:

Homeopathy and Nutrition

Excessive weight and obesity is one of the biggest nightmares of modern world. A sedentary lifestyle along with unhealthy food choices, wrong meal timings, high snacking tendencies and/or disease conditions are some of the contributing factors of weight gain. It then results into a viscous cycle. As gaining extra weight and obesity makes one vulnerable to various health issues like diabetes, hypertension, fatty liver, hyperlipidemia to name a few.

At Healing Harmony our doctors and nutritionists will help you find out how an easy-to-follow, customized weight loss plan along with simple lifestyle changes can help you lose weight, feel and look better and steadily regain your fitness! Our experts can help you understand how to lose weight naturally and develop a most effective weight loss diet that is tailor made for you.

Have you ever wondered what is the best diet to lose weight? Or given up on weight loss because nothing seems to work and because you are tired of all the false promises? Losing weight isn’t just about gathering best diet plan to lose weight fast, or searching the internet for ready-made healthy diet chart for weight loss that are one size fits all. The best way to lose weight fast is infact to do so scientifically and holistically. You can find your perfect diet plan for weight loss with us which includes every-day foods that you eat…nothing exotic and certainly not anything new that you have to go hunt for at the supermarket! But about getting healthy and feeling beautiful inside out. There is a deep connection between what you eat and how you live. Addressing these aspects of your day-to-day life helps you lose weight naturally and restores you back to health.

H2 Holistic Weight Loss Program

Our weight loss program combines various modalities to give you an overall lasting effect.

  • Step 1:Diagnose the cause of weight gain
  • Step 2:Treat it naturally and scientifically:
    • Customized tailor made diet which is “eating centric”. No crash dieting.
    • Power Yoga & Passive Exercises
    • Homeopathy (treating metabolic disorders)
    • Life skill coaching
    • Meditation
  • Step 3:Maintain and Prevent