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Homeopathic approach of Eczema

AfterEczema is the name for a group of conditions that cause the skin to become red, itchy and inflamed. There are several types of eczema atopic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, dyshidrotic eczema, nummular eczema, seborrheic dermatitis and stasis dermatitis.

Living with eczema can be an ongoing challenge. The word “eczema” is derived from a Greek word meaning “to boil over,” which is a good description for the red, inflamed, itchy patches that occur during flare-ups.

Eczema is usually itchy. For many people, the itch is usually only mild, or moderate. But in some cases it can become much worse and you might develop extremely inflamed skin. Sometimes the itch gets so bad that people scratch it until it bleeds, which can make your eczema worse. This is called the “itch-scratch cycle.”

Homeopathy plays an important role in treatment of eczema especially since we know the major cause of Eczema is genes and environmental factors (stress full life situations) or allergies (auto-immune)

Sharing this case of a 76 yrs old lady, who came with the history of severe eczema all over the body. Her whole abdomen had dried up skin with cracks with severe itching and burning. Her back, her palms, thighs and groins would severely itch. On scratching there would be lot of bleeding also.

She was suffering with this problem since 4 yrs. One minute also she couldn’t sit peacefully because of the itching. She had applied lot of ointments, taken lot of antihistamine tablets and antifungal tablets and steroids but there was no relief.

Along with this, there was loose motions, anything if she eats she would go for motions. Since eczema was there on the groins also, she would feel embarrassed to show to any male doctor.

She would stay at home most of the time. Avoid going out of the house, or any functions or marriage that people would see her scratching and would laugh.

She had a daughter who was not married and would stay sick. She was worried about her, who would take care of her after her death.

So considering the totality of symptoms,

1..Death Presentiment of, hurry must to settle the affairs.

2. Skin itching, scratch must, bleeds until it.

3.. Skin cracks, fissures.

4.. Skin cracks, fissures burning.

 Homeopathic medicine Petroleum was prescribed in 30c potency in infrequent repetitions.

And immediately within 15 days.

The skin cleared up from the entire body.  She has been under treatment for the past 6 months and has drastically improved.

This is the picture of the before and after the treatment.




Your Story, Our Journey: A 4yr old child suffering from Asthma

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory condition characterized by airway hyper-responsiveness to a variety of stimuli largely of allergic origin with reversible airflow limitation, symptoms of asthma exhibited are wheezing, shortness of breath and cough. It is a major cause of impaired quality of life with impact on work and recreational as well as physical activities and emotions.

Asthma is one of the major public health problems for the developed and developing countries. Worldwide, it is estimated that 300 million people are affected with bronchial asthma. India has an estimated 15-20 million asthmatics with a prevalence of about 10% and 15% in 5 to 11 years old children. Its prevalence is increasing despite the recent advances in its management including understanding the inflammatory nature of the disease, use of steroids with add-on long acting bronchodilators, use of devices to deliver the medications more appropriately and appreciation of the value of self-management education.

At Healing Harmony, we provide tailor made homeopathic holistic solutions. We combine Homeopathic treatment, with yoga, diet and other holistic therapies to provide lasting relief and cure.

The below case of a 4 years old child suffering from asthma was managed with Phosphorus.  Her inhalers and frequent courses of antibiotics were stopped as soon as her homeopathic management was initiated.

  • The child had allergies of soft toys, dust, pollution. Her cough was hard and painful. She had severe wheezing and congestion in lungs. She described a heaviness in her chest along with difficulty in breathing during the attacks. Every change of weather affected her
  • She was pale looking and fair skinned.
  • She is intensely sympathetic and acutely sensitive to mood, atmosphere and all sensory impressions.
  • She was very affectionate child and would care for everyone in the family.
  • Phosphorus* was prescribed to the child in infrequent doses and varying potencies based on child’s physical & mental state. Along with medicines, she was advised yoga and healthy diet.

60% of her respiratory complaints were better within 24 hrs after the medicine. The child received regular treatment for 1 year and is now 100% better and living a healthy life. She is off inhalers completely and her immunity is much stronger.

*Please note the treatment in homeopathy is very individualistic and holistic which means it is patient centric and not disease centric. The remedy Phosphorus should not be used in all cases of Asthma unless indicated based on patient’s physical and mental make-up.


Autism: affects 1 in 59 children!

Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD), refers to a broad range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication. Autism is a developmental disorder that affects individual's nervous system that affects individuals cognitive, emotional, social and physical health. It impacts person's perception and socialization with others giving rise to difficulties in conversations and interactions. 

We now know that there is not one autism but many subtypes, and each person with autism can have unique strengths and challenges.

Autism affects an estimated 1 in 59 children.

Many people with autism also have sensory issues. These can include aversions to certain sights, sounds and other sensations. Autism hallmark signs usually appear by age 2 to 3. Often, it can be diagnosed as early as 18 months. Some associated development delays can appear even earlier.

Homeopathy his very effective in treating such psychological and developmental disorders. At Healing Harmony we have treated several children and helped the families cope with this daunting syndrome. Read one such article published in Hpathy.





Man is an organic unit

Man is an organic unit of the body, mind and soul. The material part consists of his body, his various organ systems, his glands, his tissues and fluids, his brain. The non-material part that gives life to the body that governs it and controls its functions is called 'Vital force/vital energy' in homeopathy. Vital force is what Chinese medicine would call chi - an energetic phenomenon. But it's not described in the conventional framework of thinking - the nearest we get to it is the principle of homeostasis - that the body is always trying to maintain an internal balance. When affected by sickness, it reacts as a whole. The symptoms which represent this reaction are found all over the body and also in the patient’s mental state. Thus, if we want to get a true and complete picture of the sickness, we must not only consider the chief complaint of the patient, but also the symptoms of all parts of the body and the mind. All troubles of the patient arise from one basic disorder.

Thus, for homoeopaths disease is not just sum of few symptoms, but the disturbances at energy level, disturbances at the mind (Which includes feelings, fears, thoughts, perceptions and reactions to all theses) and body level (Which includes sleep, desires and aversions, appetite, thirst, thermal modalities and symptoms related to each systems).

The homeopathic medicine works by stimulating body's own healing power (immunity). The stimulus will help assist your own system to clear itself of any expressions of imbalance. The aim of homeopathic medicine and treatment is to bring your own body to a level of wellness-capability to restore the imbalance- so as to cure itself.


I am a Nutritionist. Yes, I was fat.

In a culture that places so much emphasis on physical appearance, and weight in particular, it’s no surprise that many people have a love-hate relationship with the size of their bodies.  I confess, I was one of them!


Yes, I am a certified clinical nutritionist. And Yes, I was fat.

I have been overweight since my childhood. The genes played their role. And I had the same struggles, most children undergo for being a "misfit". There was bullying, body shaming, disappointment, lack of confidence and all the drama that comes with it.

My parents tried everything, I did my best. But there I was. In deep abyss, losing hope and feeling pointless.

It was only in my late teens that I met a naturopath and dietitian who slowly and holistically started educating me and my family on food.


"Health comes at Every Size" became my mantra and the focus was on "healthy weight" and not "losing weight"

I decided to learn nutrition and developed a relationship with food which was not only need based or emotional but also scientific!

I see the "weight loss industry" booming: restrictive eating, skipped meals, disordered eating, binging as a natural response to starvation common in restricting calories, cutting out entire food groups, usually grains—all measures to lose weight. This is not healthful eating, and this needs to stop.

Today, I see several clients @healingharmonyclinic and I often share my story.

Your weight loss journey can be tough, but I have walked this path. I have failed, I have fallen, I have been in dump. I have had the same struggles but in the end I have come out successful.  I have learnt from my mistakes, I have improvised and I am determined to help you in this journey.

Come walk with me, tell me your story, learn from mine. If I can, you can too!

We at Healing Harmony believe in "healthy weight". No diet fads, no unrealistic targets. Simple, scientific and holistic ways to your journey towards health.

Our mantra @healingharmonyclinic is to keep it simple and holistic. Drop by and let me put a diet plan for your weight loss! Oops, the pressures of the weight loss industry! What I really mean is to plan for your optimal weight, optimal health and holistic well being.

You can Contact us to know more or book an appointment with us. Or visit us at  Healing Harmony to know more about our work!


Holistic Program Vs Only Homeopathy Medicines

We are often asked, what is the big deal about holism? In this fast paced life patients usually want a fast treatment- a short cut. I have to go work tomorrow, my kid has an exam, I do not have time to rest as I manage the house! For some it is injections and pain killers. For some who are slightly evolved, it is alternative medicines like homeopathy or ayurveda. But is this enough?

You wouldn't want to take NSAIDs for life for your arthritis or anti-hypertensives for your High BP or insulin for your Diabetes. But would you like to simply replace these with homeopathic medicines? The honest answer would be NO.

It is easy to visit a doctor, take your prescription and pop those pills. But that's job half done. You need to be an equal participant, play your part in your health journey. Just as the doctor & medicines would play. 

At Healing Harmony we have 5 main pillars. Our Power of 5Homeopathy, Yoga, Meditation, Diet and Counselling. Each of these have their own role and is indispensable. 

Over 10 years of our practice we have seen this in several patients. Here is one such example that I would like to share with you:

This patient came to H2 with dyslipidemia, a disease which causes fat accumalation in your blood vessels. Thus, making putting you at high risk of hypertension and cardiac diseases. The patient was only 30 years old- a very common phenomenon these days in India where these lifestyle diseases start manifesting very early.

He was prescribed blood thinners by his physician along with lifestyle changes. After few months of being on allopathic treatment he came to our clinic in search of a permanent solution.

We started him on a holistic program which included the power of 5. He showed tremendous improvement which is also evident from his blood work as shown in the table below. It is important to note that he was not on any allopathic treatment once he enrolled with us on the holistic program. However, as a conditioned modern man would behave, with such positive improvement, he insisted on discontinuing with the program and chose to reamain only on homeopathic medicines after the first 3 months.  The blood work slowly showed an increasing graph of cholestrol, triglycerides and his weight at the end of 3 months on only homeopathic medicines. While he was much better than before, the treatment wasn't as effective as we would like it to be.

Holistic Program Vs Only Medicines
Readings Baseline (before)

After initial 3 months of Holistic Program

After subsequent 3 months of only Homeopathy Medicines
Cholesterol 171 139 145
HDL  42 31 35
Sr. Triglycerides 262 189  205
Weight 90 83 85

Especially for all chronic diseases the power of 5 is essential for atleast 6 months to 1 year. Once, your body, mind & spirit finds its harmony you can rely on your vital energy to keep you balanced and healthy. 

Health is a journey and this journey can be beautiful with your participation!


HPathy Published A Case of Anal Fissure

Homeopathic Cure for a case of Anal Fissure

A 30 year old male patient came to us with anal fissure and c/o constipation and pain. He is currently taking laxatives daily. His stools are very hard and there is extreme pain in the anus which makes it difficult to sit and walk. The pain is as if it’s a sharp edge of a cut glass, like a needle poking. There is extreme burning, as if lemon or salt is sprinkled on the anus which is cut and sore. The pain lasts for 4-5 hours after passing stools. The discomfort lasts an entire day. There is bleeding sometimes. He says “In the pain I feel I will break into two parts and collapse”

He was suffering from tuberculosis of the spine two years back. Although, he recovered from the tuberculosis, he still complains of back pain which started after his surgery. The pain is dull and aching in nature.

The patient says “I was in extreme discomfort during the tuberculosis episode and after that I got the anal fissures. I am unable to lead a normal life since a long time and need to get better”.  The patient was in a lot of agony and desperately wanted to feel better.

Case History – As narrated by patient –

“All my complaints started when I changed my work; there is no pick up and drop service in this job like in earlier job. My wife and I were working in same company before marriage. There was lot of stress before marriage and even now after marriage also. We had many issues before marriage, it was quite difficult to convince our families as they were against our marriage.”

“My mother is living separate from us due to fights between her and my wife. This really stresses me.” My wife is very caring. She takes good care of me. But she is not in favor of my mother. When we have to go to mother’s house for festivals she doesn’t want to come. My mother also doesn’t like her. I have to tackle and balance both these women of my life. I make it a point to go and see my mother. I feel very responsible for her. I constantly think about her. Today I am staying alone but she is the one who fed me and she has taken care of me. It is my responsibility to take care of her now. But I can’t. I worry what is she going to do? How much she has done for me. She is a very loving woman. Situation is stopping me from being together with her. How can I help her? She wants to spend time with me, I am her son. She means lot to me. I respect and appreciate her. She stood up and brought me up. She is an inspiration. She tried to manage my education fees, she ran errands for the house, and she did all that alone after my father died.”

“With wife also I want to enjoy. I am in sickness post my marriage. I want to go to couple of places, honeymoon places with her but I have fear for my disease because of it I can’t go anywhere. I am supposed to do something for her. I am responsible for her health and wealth. But I am not able to do. But she understands me. I feel sad for her that I do not do anything for her.”

“Both these women have a different place in my life. I want them to get along with each other. I wanted to keep balance. Currently they are at least in talking terms. Once in a week, they talk to each other. I could have done much better, but I am still hopeful that things will get better”.

Respect is very important in any relationship. For examples I have come to you and you are a doctor. I will give you the respect you deserve.

So far the patient has been talking about his relationships,  family and his incapability to maintain these relationships (striking a balance). He was just talking about his relationship and family.

D- Describe a person without respect?

P- Person without respect: not understanding, as per my standard, they don’t respect each other, my wife and my mother. I did try in many ways. Didn’t work out. I tried my level best. So that they atleast talk to each other. I can’t push them artificially. For me Family matters a lot. As a child, we were staying together.

D- What is family? Feeling of being together?

P- Taking care of each other. Going out together with family e.g. for movies. Supporting each other. They support when I am not well, going for any interview, I am the youngest son in my family. My sister and brother have always supported me. They are familiar, they always guide me. They will encourage and provide any help I need. Without this support it is little difficult. You will have to struggle.

If you’re alone with no siblings then you have try to help yourself best. Although my brother and I do not talk much, we have different understanding. He will be there when I need him. I know he will never cheat me. With friends you have to be careful, to ensure they do not cheat you.

The meaning of relationships and family means support for the patient. He looks to them for guidance and support.

D- What if someone cheats you?

P -I notice the person, I see the person, his behavior. How that person is talking? I don’t easily make friends. If he cheats me I will get angry. I won’t talk to him. I will completely disconnect. I will not even look at him. If someone hurts me I can’t hold things back. Someone insulting me, talking in high tone, acting smart.

When I am in group I go away if they talk or make fun of me. It depends how my mood is. I will get angry. I will try to pull their leg, my blood pressure goes high. There has to be limit. Can’t listen to crap from anyone.

I will behave in same manner with him also. But it hurts me to do that. I will wait for an opportunity. That’s my karma which I will complete it. But to give him back it is important so that the opposite person realizes his mistake.

Overall I am a very chilled guy. I am good person. I will not to hurt anyone. I will always help.

This question was asked to see if there are any animal themes in the patient. He is sensitive to being cheated or bullied. He will ignore, disconnect- but if it becomes unbearable he will get back to the person. More than the animal theme, the sensitivity of the patient was more prominent.

D- Tell me something about your work?

So far only one aspect of his life has been the focus, so it is essential to see how his work life is. He did mention the stress at work. Often what work a patient does, how he does it, why he does it is a window to the case.

P – I am responsible for workforce management. I make offshore staffing plan. I am more creative, I am creative with excel sheets. I was a report analyst, then became a team leader and now I am a manager. I got different promotions. I provided floor management support at different sites.

I am good at problem resolving, with persistent and different ideas. I have been awarded as the best performer.

D- What does performance mean to you?

P- Performance means incentives, how to grow accounts. Finally it is your rating that will matter. I am a hard worker. I constantly strive to exceed my performance.

The patient talks about creativity and performance and about a specialized skill set and logical analysis. This gives us further hints and narrows down our search.

D- How was your Childhood?

P- I had lot of fun. I used to fear heights and darkness. Infact I still have some fear about it.

D- Any hobbies?

P- I play pool- mainly virtual, watching horror movies.

D-What is pool? What do you enjoy about it?

P- You have to hit the ball with precision. You need to take support. You have to be good with your calculations, how it’s going to be. It involves lot of planning, concentration, logical calculation and patience.

The patient talks about support, planning, precision (mastering a skill) again. The remedy we select must cover these aspects, as they are coming in different spheres of the patient’s life.

P-There is a lot of stress about what I have to eat and what not. What is good for my health? This complaint is lowering down my confidence. I do not have sexual relationship with wife as the pain is driving me crazy. So there is no physical pleasure also.

Homeopathic Cure for a case of Calcaneal (Heel) Spur

Homeopathic Cure for a case of Calcaneal (Heel) Spur

A female, SD age 51 years, came to clinic with the complaints of pain in heels. It was diagnosed as Calcaneal Spur by the orthopedic doctor and her X-ray reports confirmed the same.

Presenting complaint:

The patient had extreme pain in the heels and she couldn’t walk barefoot in the house. As soon as she wakes up, she feels the pain. She needs support while walking. She starts weeping with the pain.

Right heel > than left heel.

< - Rising on, standing while and morning.

> - Hot fomentation, oil application and hard pressure.

Associated complaint:

Acidity & gas. She says “whatever I eat gets converted into gas” stools are unsatisfactory and hard.

Patient’s nature (Mind):

Patient says “I get tensed on trifles, very sensitive to any stress at home. If I hear something about any person then I start getting negative thoughts. If somebody from family is admitted in hospital and that person is suffering, then I feel like helping them doing something for them. I get very easily influenced by people, trust them immediately. I help old and unhealthy people in family. I get worried for children in very small issues.”

She lives in a joint family (Indian set-up where Parents, Siblings, grand-children live together) and she feels it’s her duty to take care of each of the family member.

“I have to be there to help them. I should do it for them. If I can’t manage then I feel bad, I feel like sacrificing my personal things like going out etc. If I have to go out, then I feel that I have become selfish. I will not repeat it... as I am responsible for them.  I feel attached to them.”

D- Describe what help means to you? 

P- I feel satisfied that I am doing something good. They feel satisfied that I am doing for them.

If my family members are not keeping well I keep on thinking about them. I immediately go to them and take care of them and help them. I get tensed for their health. (Weeps while narrating)

Once my health had deteriorated a lot and doctor said that I had depleted all vitamins and minerals. I got tensed about my health. What will happen to my family members? How will I take care of them if I get such deficiencies…?

I keep doing everything for everyone. I cannot say “No” or be assertive. I stretch myself beyond my capacity. On the other hand, if I have some problem then I will not tell anybody to work for me. I don’t feel good bothering anyone.

I keep on doing for them even if they do not do for me. I just drain myself, people don’t have my value. No value at all. I feel they just use me up and I helped them so much. When they wanted they used me. When I need them they are not doing it for me. It makes me feel very irritable and angry.

I feel they must appreciate me for what I have done. They should at least talk about whatever I am doing for them. Then all those thoughts start overcoming my mind.  Then I remember about my religion & about re-incarnation. I feel “karma” will take care of everything.

Peculiar physical generals:

Stools: Unsatisfactory.

Dreams:  About family functions & get together.

She describes one dream as she is stuck in a small room, there is no light. Fear that how will I come out of it.

Another dream “I am on a mountain and I may not able to find the way. Fear what will happen to me. How will I come out of it?

Her experience in the dream was as a child asking for help. “Let me come out. I have forgotten the way. If nobody takes me then I might die. What will happen to me if I die it will be suffocating. When scared I remember my god then I start praying (Navakar Mantra- a Jain prayer)”

Case Analysis:

The main issue of the patient revolves around her own structure. The issues of lacking (deficiencies, capacity etc.), maintaining, losing/breaking of this structure or organization.

Here in case, patient is talking about she doing things for her family, maintaining the relations, and stretching beyond the capacity to keep the family happy corresponds to maintaining the structure and overusing the structure, indicating towards mineral kingdom.

The patient talks about group & family corresponding to the features of mammals. Mammal features of need to belong to group, doing lot of efforts to be the part of the group and on the other hand , feeling of being used up are observed in patient state but there are no issues of me vs. you or survival ruling out the animal kingdom.

Dreams- She talks about being in a dark room or on top of mountain alone where the experience is of complete helplessness, suffocation and need to find your way out with someone’s help. This correlates to Stage of separation and birth and suffocating/claustrophobic experience of it.

Issue of 'Birth and Separation' is the chief issue of Row 2.

"Am I a separate entity or am I a part of something?"
"Am I attached or detached?"

Carbon is in middle of the 2nd row, during the birth process the head of the baby is descending further and engages itself. The baby is separating from the womb and now there is no going back. But it’s in middle, swaying between letting go off the clinging or being separate.

Her dreams narrate the experience of carbon.

The patient is very anxious about small things. Slightest things would cause anxiety in her. She becomes excited for smallest thing. We can see that in terms of her anxiety, being sentimental, irritated, sadness. The slightest cause is sufficient enough to cause turmoil within her. She is conscientious about the things that she does for her family. She looks timid and lack confidence She is very sympathetic for everyone surrounding her and wants to help everyone. During the narration she was weeping and felt better after the case. She kept on asking about the recovery of pathology that she had with very less hope.

Rubrics illustrating this feature are:

  • Anxiety about trifles
  • Conscientious about trifles
  • Sympathetic
  • Offended easily
  • Ailments from anticipation
  • Sympathetic
  • Despair of recovery.



Graphites 200 1 dose. Follow up would be after 3 days.

Follow up after 3 days:

No change in intensity of pain. But there was change in her overall mood. I have become less irritable, less aggressive and angry. Acidity has improved. The gas formation has reduced.

Sleep is sound and no dreams.

Analysis: We will repeat one more dose to see the effect of the medicine as it has helped patient at the mental level.

Rx Graphites 200 1 dose

Follow up after 15 days:

No change in the intensity of pain. However, the mental and physical generals continue to improve.

Analysis: the general changes at mental level are persistent but there is no improvement in Physical particular.

Understanding the case from the miasmatic background.

The main feeling of patient is that she is expected to perform exceedingly well. So the demand is put up on her and she tries to cover her incapacity by putting her extra efforts Patient has taken up her survival by overdoing things for everyone, stretching beyond her own capacity and tries her own structure to be perfect. She tries to maintaining higher limits for her.

Miasm: Cancer


Carcinosin 1M 1 powder followed by placebo for 7 days.

·       Follow up after 7 days.

Intensity of the pain slightly reduced. General and mental state looks to be more improved.

Rx: Carcinosin 1M 3 doses on consecutive days once a day followed by placebo.

·       Follow up after 7 days.

Pain intensity reduced further. Pain on waking was improved. She could at least walk in house without support.



·       Follow up after 3 months.

She felt 80% better with the pain. Intensity reduced further. She can walk barefoot and without support. She can walk continuously for more than an hour without pain. General condition improved. Acidity is less.

Rx: Potency of Carcinosin was increased to 10M as the state of miasm was prominent.

After the dose pain improved a lot. Asked to stop medicines after 3 months.

·       Follow up After 6 months.

100% better No relapse of pain. No other aggravating complaint. Her general state continues to be better.


Graphites worked as her constitutional medicine and Carcinosin as Intercurrent which could remove the miasmatic block and add to further improvement for the patient.






Do Homeopaths use cortisone ( Steroids) ? 


Dr Prabha Patwardhan.


This question is raised often and again in Homoeopathy. We thought it would be useful for references to ask Dr Patwardhan for her article which appeared in the Sunday Oberver. When I posed this question to my patients who voiced their doubts, they said that either they or some friend had the medicines given by their doctors tested (in most cases very reputable doctors) and they tested positive for cortisone. I try to reason with them with the following arguments:

Point 1.  If one has been on long term cortisone, one would show some side effects like Moon facies, weight gain, excessive body hair, osteoporosis, diabetes etc.

Point 2. Cortisone is not a cure all for all the ills of the world. 

Point 3. Homoeopathic remedies have a very wide range of curative properties. 

Point 4. Using steroid would in fact be counter-productive as they would have a suppressive effect.In view of this why should any Homoeopath resort to using cortisone? Recently I had an occasion to test these allegations.One of my old patients who had changed to another homoeopath nearer her home, telephoned me frantically to say that she had had her medicines checked and they tested positive for steroids. I decided to send some of my medicines to be tested at the same place.

The medicines sent were:

I. Unmedicated Pills. II. Cina 1M. III. Belladonna 30. IV. Sulphur 30.

All these medicines were sent in a base of a small amount of lactose (Milk Sugar) A report the following week, said, all of them tested positive for steroids I asked them to carry out the same test on plain lactose. This also tested positive for steroids. It was now obvious that all these medicines were giving a false positive test for steroids. (Cortisone is a steroid) The test used was the ‘Colorimetric method using tetrazolium blue salts’. In this test, the reaction depends upon the reduction of tetrazolium blue salt to give a highly coloured compound known as farmazan. Under controlled conditions the amount of farmazan developed is proportional to the quantity of steroid or any reducing sugars present in the material being tested. In fact for some years, tetrazolium salts have been used for determination of reducing sugars. So if the drug contains any lactose, it will impart a strong colour with tetrazolium blue salt which will give a false impression of the presence of steroid. Secondly, if the alcohol used in this method is not completely free from aldehyde, it will interfere with the reaction and will impart some characteristic colour in the reaction and will impart some characteristic colour in the reaction, which may again give a false positive impression of steroid. So this method is not advisable to determine the presence of steroids in the drug. Most homoeopaths use lactose as a base for holding the pills containing the homoeopathic remedy together in the powders. The pills themselves are made of cane sugar, a reducing sugar. Moreover almost all homoeopathic remedies have alcohol as a diluent. One can see how homoeopathic remedies, either as pills, powders or in alcohol, are likely to give a false positive test for steroids if this method is used.

Point 1. Liberman buchard test.

Point 2. Thin layer chromatography method

Point 3. UV absorption method.

The UV Absorption Method  Before accepting a claim that the tested medicine does contain a steroid, one must find out what testing procedures were used to eliminate a possibility of a false positive result. The recommended tests TLC and UV absorption method should ideally be carried out at any of the public testing laboratories listed by FDA (Food and Drug Authority). If tests conclusively prove that the medicine given is indeed a steroid, under the guise of a homoeopathic remedy, then one must confront the doctor and seek an explanation, or complain to the homoeopathic council so that disciplinary action can be taken against the erring doctor. Unsubstantiated allegations against any doctor are most unfair and damaging to his most cherished, professional integrity and indeed to the profession.