What can I expect during my initial homeopathic consultation?

The homeopath needs a detailed understanding of who you are, along with details of any complaints and how you experience them. The more your homoeopath knows about you, the more easily will he or she be able to treat you effectively.

Do homeopathic medicines have any side effects?

Homeopathic medicines are energy. The material in the medicines is serially diluted to remove toxic effects of it hence there are no side effects.

Do we have different medicines for different complaints?

In homeopathy we do not have separate medicine for head, nose, ears, throat, etc. We give one single medicine which affects the patient as a whole and removes all his troubles. There is no medicine for any particular disease but there is medicine for the patient who is suffering from the disease. A single remedy is chosen on the basis of holistic approach which treats different complaints of the same person.

What happens once treatment starts?

It is a very individual experience .Most of times your chief complaint start getting better, i.e. its intensity and frequency starts reducing. Some patients experience exceptional well being and optimism. Sometimes your symptoms may get worse for a time. Sometimes a cold, rash or some other form of discharge may appear as your system goes through a cleaning stage. If any of your responses concern you, do not hesitate to contact us.

How long does treatment take?

This depends on the illness as well as the other individual characteristics of your case. In general, a slowly developing or long-standing complaint takes longer to cure than an acute one. Remember that homoeopathy aims to cure both the cause of your illness as well as its symptoms, so be patient.

How can I book an appointment?

You can book via the website or call/email us and schedule an appointment (Refer the Contact Us page). We have clinics at Malad & Powai. It is advisable to take an appointment before coming as the initial consultation usually takes close to an hour.

What are Homeopathic medicines made of?

Homeopathic medicines are made out of milk sugar and cane sugar. They are medicated with the remedy prepared in alcohol base. A homeopathic remedy is an extremely pure, natural substance that has been diluted many times. In large quantities these substances would cause the same symptoms the patient is trying to cure. In small, pure, diluted doses, it is not only safe and free from side effects, but it will trigger the body to heal itself.

The first potency of any remedy consists of 1 drop of remedy in 99 drops of water. This will be equal to 1 drop of remedy in the first bottle full of water. The higher the potency, the greater the dilution. The 200th potency will be approximately 1 drop of medicine in a swimming pool full of water and the 50,000th potency will be approximately 1 drop of medicine diluted in a one lake full of water.

How long one should continue homeopathy treatment?

It is completely dependent on the depth of disease. Acute diseases will need medicines for short duration like 7 days or 15 days. Long standing diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Immunity boosting, Join pains etc will need long duration treatment ranging from 3 months to 1 year.

Why should I go for a holistic program over simply homeopathic treatment?

We often encourage our patients to enroll for a holistic program. Our aim is accelerate your wellness goals and reduce the duration of treatment. Health cannot be accomplished only by popping pills and there is a part that you as a patient will need to play in achieving health. Our holistic program includes Yoga, Diet, Counselling, Meditation along with Homeopathy.

What do we tell you in follow up ?

First and foremost, you need to tell us how you feel in your chief complaint and associated complaint. Here it is very important that while reporting a chief complaint, it is better you also mention the new problems or if you have suffered from the same problem in the past because they indicate that we need to change your medicine/potency. Do mention about your temperament, desires, sleep, dreams and appetite. In mental sphere, we need to know if anything had happened to upset you at home or at your work place, like any quarrel, or some bad news etc. All these symptoms when told in detail, help us to treat you better.

What do we do if the complaints recur after stopping homeopathic treatment , can it be cured ?

During the course of homoeopathic treatment or after it has been stopped if something happens in your day today life at mental or physical level to upset the balance created in your system by the homoeopathic medicine the original complaint can be felt again. But it is true that with homoeopathic treatment, the capacity of the person to handle such upset improved and relapses may not occur.

Can diabetic patients take sweet sugar pills?

The amount of sugar present is negligible for it to affect diabetics

Can homeopathy aggravate your problems?

Rarely after the homoeopathic treatment is given there can be increase in your complaints. There can be two reasons for this. First and the more common reason can be the stopping of pain killers or ointment applications which may have kept your symptoms suppressed for a long time and due to removal of that factor, the complaints will be experienced in its actual intensity. In that case, homoeopathic medicine will gradually bring the whole thing under control. Another possibility is that after the homoeopathic treatment there is slight and short worsening followed by rapid relief. This initial worsening is often the reaction of our body before the cure occurs and is a very good sign. Another reaction that may be noticed during the course of homoeopathic treatment is that your original problems will get better gradually and then some new symptoms may appear. These new problems may indicate that we need to change your medicine and give you something that will cover this new picture and thereby help you in achieving a holistic cure.